Mack Avenue
is ready for something new.

MACC Building MACC Development

It started seven years ago with a commitment to show God’s love to a neighborhood. Since then, we’ve seen wonderful things happen. A church body has grown and the community has responded.

In many ways, this building will be an extension of the life that has taken place here.

The Community Has Responded 48214 Neighborhood Impact

MACC Development is
focused specifically on the
holistic revitalization of
Detroit’s 48214 neighborhood.

It’s not just any neighborhood, it’s our home. We are proud residents of the neighborhood and have been for many years. We’re excited to be a part of this organization because we see it responding to needs in our community—needs that have been expressed by our community, specifically in the areas of education, housing, and economic development. And we’ve responded to those concerns with opportunities that celebrate literacy, off er excellent legal services, organize high-quality youth recreation and sports, rehabilitate homes, and start small businesses.

Men Outside Home in 48214 Kids Playing Soccer in 48214

We long to have a place
where people can celebrate
their community.

Men at Mack Avenue Community Church Worship at Mack Avenue Community Church

MACC Development is essentially the sum of its parts. MACC Lit is tutoring kids, MACC legal is providing aff ordable legal services, MACC Housing is rehabbing homes and engaging blight, and MACC Sports is creating community through soccer.

With all this amazing work taking place in our organization, plus the activity happening at Mack Ave Community Church, there is a lot going on. This creates a lot of energy in the community, and that provides an opportunity to build relationships and neighboring friendships. Starting out decentralized has allowed us to grow in a very grassroots way.

At the same time, that effort has created an energy that cannot really be located in one specific place, at least not until now. Before, we really struggled to centralize our eff orts and concentrate our time and energy in a single meeting space. We didn’t want a headquarters for the sake of one; we desire to see each of our initiatives building off of each other, creating synergy that can and will add great value to our community as a whole.

The MACC Building is a
natural progression of what
God is doing in our ministry.

The building was never a focus for us; we didn’t want that to become the goal of our ministry. We just wanted to trust the Lord. Sure enough, God provided us with this incredible building right on Mack Avenue—a huge blessing. It was as if the Lord was saying “I’m providing a space for you because you’ve always longed to have a place where people can know who and where you are.” We’ve wanted a central location where the community can feel like they have a safe place to go and they can be reminded of their God-given value, purpose and worth.

This brings us to the next stage of Mack Avenue Community Church’s ministry. At first, we were introducing ourselves to the community, relocating to the neighborhood, and building trust. But now, we’re past all of that. We’re neighbors. We’re here, we’re invested in the community, we’re shareholders in the community. We’ve been building friendships and infl uence within the community. So now, we can have a place that builds a landmark for the people in the neighborhood. The MACC Building is a natural progression of what God is doing in our ministry.

Men Outside Home in 48214 Kids Playing Soccer in 48214 Kids Playing Soccer in 48214

User Groups

We increase the strength of our programs when unified in one space.

Having all of our programs under one roof is exciting. For example, our MACC Sports Director—after hosting a parent’s night—will be able to introduce an interested family to the leadership of MACC Lit, or to one of the pastors at MACC, or to the new business just a flight of stairs away.

Kids can have a joyful experience on one end of the building, while others are having quality times of engagement with folks on the other end of the building, allowing each program to flourish and grow. The different programs and the life that happens in these programs will all be connected in a centralized, helpful, and unified way. The fragmentation we experience now will be remedied substantially.

MACC Building User Groups

MACC Building

Designed with a Purpose

The Mack Community
is ready for a new building.

MACC Building


An effort like this one will take the combined effort of many to be accomplished. Consider investing what you have available - your time, your resources - or purchasing a concept book for the building to help us advance our community desire to see transformation on Mack Avenue.