MACC Lit's Magic School Bus Mini-Camp Update

Over Christmas break, MACC Lit had 9 kids participate in our pop-up camp based on the Magic School Bus book series. We spent 3 days learning about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) principles through books, experiments, games, and crafts.

The first day we focused on floating and sinking. Campers made predictions about whether various objects would float or sink, observed how a can of Diet Coke floats while a can of Coke does not due to the sugar in the Coke, learned how a peeled orange sinks and an unpeeled one does not, and made an egg float in saltwater.

Drawing on our water theme, we also talked about what it means to be a “fisher of men,” learning that we need to tell others about the Good News of Jesus. Our game was also called “fishers of men,” and kids took turns seeing how many paper cut-out people they could pick up in one minute using only a straw and their mouth. We had so much fun!

On day 2, campers studied flight. We made catapults out of popsicle sticks and had a contest to see who could launch a mini marshmallow the farthest. The contests continued when we split up into teams to see which team was the most accurate aiming finger rockets at a target. This proved to be quite challenging! Campers also made various types of paper airplanes and decorated rockets during craft time.

Our Bible lesson was called “Flight School.” We learned about how planes need a propellor to pull us forward and that similarly we need God, His Word, and prayer to keep pulling us forward so we can grow as Christians.

Day three was very exciting as campers learned about kitchen chemistry. We talked about the different ingredients that react to make a cake, worked together to make some cupcakes, and decorated them for our parents. We inflated balloons using vinegar and baking soda, cleaned pennies using vinegar and salt, and attempted to make a Diet Coke fountain using a can of pop and mentos - this was rather anticlimactic but funny nevertheless. We also made our own ice cream and some Oobleck (a non-newtonian fluid that's both a solid and a liquid) to take home.

Chemistry was also used to illustrate our Bible lesson about how Jesus’ blood purifies us from our sin. Campers observed as water, iodine, and bleach were combined in a particular order to show that it is only Jesus’ blood that can make us clean.

Overall, camp was a smashing success. The kids had so much fun, and we did too! It was a great way to spend a few mornings on a vacation from school.

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Thanks for involving your child in MACC Lit. We enjoy getting to spend time with them.