MACC Housing Spring Update

Saving Our Homes in the 48214. Neighbor to Neighbor, Block by Block

MACC Housing recently completed a massive outreach to 1,671 homes in the 48214 to provide resources and information for homeowners and renters behind in their property tax payments and/or facing foreclosure.   Our door to door canvassing started in December 2017 and completed March 2018.  The outreach effort was supported by  The Neighbor-to-Neighbor Tax Foreclosure Prevention Grant and training from the United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC), .

neighbor to neighbor.jpg

Edythe Ford, our Director of Community Engagement and a team of 48214 residents hit the streets to talk one on one with our neighbors.  We shared information about lower-interest payment plans, renters’ rights, and the Property Tax Exemption available for low-income homeowners.  We also had the opportunity to discuss the new home buying plan for renters who are facing eviction because of tax foreclosure by the property owners.  All residents where directed to UCHC or U-Snap-Back for further assistance and legal help.


We had the blessings to talk to over 800 long-term residents and get an assessment block by block on the services needed for our neighbors.  We talked to many renters who had no idea their landlords where delinquent on property taxes.  The majority of our neighbors, homeowners, and renters expressed gratitude for the information they received, many did not know there are options for them to stay in their home. Most residents where already on a payment plan or had successfully completed it.


One of our canvassers Debra Perry stated, “this was a great opportunity to connect with neighbors and old friends.  People need information, encouragement, and prayer to stay in their homes, the help is out there if you are informed of the resources.”

We are grateful to the UCHC for supporting our residents with resources and information to help them from being displaced out of their homes, we cannot afford to lose one more neighbor.  The experience helped us learn how important it is to take time and talk to people one-on-one, we are happy we haven’t lost that culture in the 48214.  Although going door to door may seem like a small act, we have learned it’s the fuel which binds neighbors together and creates unity and civic pride.  The 48214 still stands strong with long-term residents, our friends and neighbors sticking it out to keep their homes.

Don’t move, reach out, there are resource to help.

Romans 15:2 ESV “Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up.”