MACC Lit Spring Update

Praise God for another successful camp and a program that's growing in leaps and bounds!Over Winter Break, we held our second pop-up camp based on the Magic School Bus book series. We spent 3 days learning about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) principles through books, experiments, games, and crafts. Our little scientists made geodes using eggshells, Borax, and hot water. They got a kick out of the tornado in a jar and discovered they could make it rain. We all had fun!

Our students are making great strides as young readers. Teachers and parents are commenting on their improvement. We're even watching some turn into bookworms right before our eyes!

We hope you will partner with us as we pray for our tutors, parents, teachers, and students and as we transition into our new space. We're asking the Lord to continue to direct our steps and bless the work of our hands.

Due to an influx of new students, we are in need of tutors and currently have students on a waiting list. MACC Lit is a great way for students of all abilities to enhance their reading skills, receive homework help, learn important Bible lessons, and further their physical and motor skill development through games and exercise. Please consider joining us as a tutor. For more information about MACC Lit, please contact Alyce at or (313) 732-9302 ext. 702.