Mission Team Summer Update


We are gearing up for the Summer Mission Team Season. As a precursor to the week-long Summer teams, this Spring we have hosted one-day mission trips from High Schools, Colleges, and churches. Some from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids MI and the University of Michigan from nearby Ann Arbor, MI. Some have come as far as Kings High School in Seattle Washington and Christian Centre Church in Toronto, Canada.

We have had a total of 88 people from 5 different organizations do Missions here in Detroit. This will set us up to have an awesome Missions Summer. We are also excited to have two interns coming this Summer. One is a student at the University of Michigan and the other is a high schooler from Virginia. 

If you looking to get involved this summer with MACC or MACC Development through are many volunteer opportunities just visit www.mackave.galaxydigital.com it's our new volunteer website that makes it fast and convenient to serve along side us!