The Commons Spring Update

Customer Photo.jpg

The winter season gives us all an excuse to hibernate - to stay in on cold afternoons and put off laundry until the snow lets up. The mood at The Commons has reflected this tendency for a few months, but now as everything is thawing we’re coming back strong with a new line of sandwiches, salads, and breakfast sandwiches, as well as launching a drop off laundry service. We’ve got a honey cinnamon latte on the menu, too. Really, there’s too much to summarize - its worth a visit to experience everything that has been going on.


Staff Photo.jpg

As we celebrate our one year anniversary (what?!?) it’s exciting to look back over all the customers we’ve been able to serve, the conversations we’ve had, awards we’ve won, the difficult moments we’ve grown through and all the jokes and puns our staff shoots back and forth. Some of the most rewarding moments are those when we see folks interacting who wouldn’t otherwise have the shared space to do so - sharing stories, attending meetings, and sharing their talents at open mic nights. A big thanks to all of our customers and supporters over the past year! It’s a pleasure to be able to serve you week after week.