MACC Sports Summer Update


MACC Sports is more than just a sports league that is providing an opportunity for kids to play the game they love in a safe environment.  Our goal is to change lives and introduce our youth to the love of Christ.  What better way to show your kids that you love them than to spend time with them?  This year for our Soccer for Success Program we scheduled 3 field trips to visit various colleges across the state of Michigan (Michigan State University, The University of Michigan, and Wayne County Community College).  Our staff, coaches and parent volunteers spent a day with our youth touring college campuses and listening to presentations from various college students.  The college students we heard from were awesome; they were from various backgrounds but all were very humble and stressed the importance of having God in their life to help guide and support them as they face the challenges of college.



Most of our youth and some of our parent volunteers had never been on any of the campuses that we visited, so they were having the time of their lives.  There is one conversation that stood out for me this year that kind of brings home why the work we are doing is so important for our youth and families. I had a parent reach out to me thanking me for providing this opportunity for her son.  The parent stated that her son was adopted and has been in some pretty bad situations in a few of the foster homes that he was in.  He also has a learning disability and has been struggling in school to the point where he has almost given up. She has also struggled trying to get him motivated to take an interest in his education or to even pick up a book.  On all of our college visits we have our youth complete a worksheet to prepare and get them thinking about their future, and we make all the youth complete it before they can get on the bus.  During our  “What do you know about college/What do you want to know about college “ activity  she was very surprised that instead of her son getting intimidated or frustrated he became very excited and for the first time he wanted her to help him complete the work sheet so that he could turn it in.  Just hearing the excitement in her voice and knowing that we were able to give her son a little inspiration warmed my heart and let me know that we are making a difference in the lives of our youth. 

MACC Sports is an awesome place to learn the fundamentals of soccer, basketball, football, volleyball and etc. But we are working hard to be much more than a place for our youth to have fun; we also want to plant seeds of greatness in all of our youth so that they accomplish all the great things the Lord has planned for them.