The Common Grounds

The Commons has just enjoyed its second summer of meeting new neighbors, hosting community gatherings, and creating some tasty new beverages (eg. Faygo Floats and Matcha Lemonades), not to mention cleaning tons of clothes. In March we launched a drop off laundry service, and this summer we extended that service to businesses, our first being an owner of a number of rental properties in the neighborhood who has more laundry each week than they can reasonably wash. That’s where we come in! It’s helpful for us to be able to utilize our washers in off peak hours, and keep busy in slower times.

Local business Sister Pie has announced plans to open a kitchen, small grocery, and cafe a few blocks down from us on Mack Ave. It’s wonderful seeing new business come to Mack, as this is part of what The Commons set out to catalyze years ago as it was designed. They’ve hosted community engagement sessions here at The Commons where members of the community got to voice their opinion and offer ideas for what Sister Pie could offer, and we’ve gotten the opportunity to sit down with the owners as well to discuss what it’s like opening a business here on Mack and how they could help fill the gaps. 

This summer everyone from our neighbor Z’s to Mt. Zion Baptist Church to D&D Storage are all getting facade work done. It’s exciting to see all the energy of the Mack Corridor!