Celebrating the First New Development on Mack Avenue in 50 Years!

Detroit summers are a welcome respite from the cold and windy days we spend most of the year.  This year was a special summer, where Detroiters were reflecting and honoring the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Civil Unrest in Detroit.  Fifty years later, on Sunday, July 23rd, our neighbors, families, friends, and community leaders came together to celebrate our new development, the MACC Lot and to let the world know We Are Still Here!  

The Mack Lot was the former location of a tobacco shop which was burnt down during the 1967 civil unrest.  Since ‘67 it was used a parking lot for moving trucks and heavily filled with brush.  MACC Development held a series of meetings with the community to determine what could we do to activate the space for our busy community hub at Mack and Van Dyke.   

MACC Development with input from the Islandview, Pingree Park, and Villages communities have created a place for neighbors to relax, access free wi-fi, wait for the bus, host live performances or meetings, the ideas are unlimited!  The park will also provide recreational space for The Commons coin laundry and coffee shop opening in October 2017.  

“Hosting this block is a great way to empower our community to take back their neighborhood, and return Mack Avenue to its former more pedestrian friendly street.  Block parties such as this remind us that creativity, innovation, diversity and community are truly what makes Detroit a special place!”  

Ruby Moore-Sprowls, Lifelong Detroiter  

The Block Party had the music bumping with sounds from DJ/Beat Producer Dionote Nelson of Merch Music and the smooth jazz stylings of the Wayne Henry Duo!  There was a gigantic checker set, bouncy house, sand hill, and play box for our children, and the day was topped off with great food and free giveaways donated by D&D Storage Company!!  We had the community engagement officers from the Wayne County Sheriff office, we appreciate their information on how to keep our neighborhood safe and opportunity for them to get to know our community.

It was great day, we meet new neighbors and realized we determine the future of your community, and that future is hope and progress.  We praise our Lord and thank Jesus because he is watching over us in the 48214!

“We are one, no matter what we do
We are one, love and working together will see us through
We are one and that’s just the way it is Detroit!”


By Edythe Ford, Community Engagement Director