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Mission Team Update

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As the Director of Missions & Recruitment, my story is the story I want for all those who come to Detroit as a Mission Team, Volunteer or Intern. When my family came to Detroit in 2014 it wasn't because we chose this city to settle down in. It was because God called us to Detroit. What we knew of the city was blight, poverty, and crime. My wife and I pushed back and tried to tell God that Detroit wasn't even on our list of cities to move to. Apparently, it was the only city on his list. Upon arriving in the city my kids said, "Dad, where are you taking us?" My wife cried every day for the 1st week. My kids only spoke of going back to California. It took some time to get settled in. We started attending Mack Ave Community Church and getting to know other members of the community.

We began to explore the city and its history. It took some time but, we got to know Detroit and Detroit got to know us. We bought our "forever home", near Pingree Park and honestly we wouldn't want to live anywhere else. All the trials and tribulations we have experienced in the last couple of year would have been devastating if we were anywhere else. But this community has loved on us and God has been faithful. What we learned most about Detroit is, it is true what 'they' say about the city BUT there are more truths about Detroit that they don't talk about. The Pride, the Community, and the Love that is here are simply amazing. This is what I want for those who visit. I work, with the help of God, to change their perception of Detroit based on what they heard, to what they see and feel. 

Thank you and God bless