MEET Bobbie and her family!

Bobbie is an amazing person that is a role model in our community and church. Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human(s)…” This verse clearly describes Bobbie, a woman who gives her all to her immediate and extended family, MACC congregation, and community.

But sometimes you can work with all your heart and still need assistance in order to make your dream a reality. After years of Bobbie investing in others, we are asking for your help in making an investment in Bobbie and her family. Bobbie has taken steps towards home ownership and has been presented with an amazing opportunity but we need your help to make this home purchase affordable.


Bobbie’s future home

Praise God for this enormous opportunity and for the family who has patiently spent years negotiating with the previous owner of the vacant home and graciously financed the renovations thus far! When MACC Development heard of their commitment we knew this was also a great opportunity to support Bobbie and we invite you to join us! The home is on a beautiful block in the Pingree Park neighborhood on a street where many of our MACC members already reside and raise their family.

Work has already begun on the house, fixing burst pipes and getting the boiler up and running again. MACC Development is sending mission team volunteers over to the home for cleaning up trash, removing any remaining furniture, and scraping loose plaster/paint off the walls so they can be skim coated and repainted and we plan to send at least a 100 more over the course of the summer. While this drastically reduces the major labor cost in the renovation we also need financial donations to purchase materials.

Please consider donating towards our goal of $40,000 so we can support Bobbie and her family as they move towards homeownership.

What your donations will go towards:

  • Drywall/plaster work and supplies - $2,000

  • Painting supplies - $1,000

  • Full bath - $2,000

  • Half-bath - $1,000

  • Kitchen - $10,000

  • Hardwood refinishing and tiling for kitchen/pantry -$7,500

  • Replacing outdated electrical - $5,000

  • Privacy Fence (remove broken panels and install new one)... $2,000

  • Garage (rebuild roof, install gutters, paint) - $7,500

  • Misc - $2,000