To see families drawn to Christ as they enjoy and gain access to affordable, quality housing.

Home Rehabilitation

Philanthropic organizations, building contractors and hundreds of others have partnered with MACC and MACC Development to renovate several homes and commercial spaces.

Repopulation & Stabilization

MACC Housing works diligently to connect current and future 48214ers with available homes, rental options, city and non-profit services, renovation sub-contractors, grant opportunities, and advocacy or aid for landlord/tenant challenges.

MACC Building

A tax-auction purchase from the city of Detroit, the MACC Building is a commercial property strategically located on Mack Avenue. It is currently undergoing architectural planning and renovations as a storefront space for a business startup, permanent location for MACC Lit, venue for small business, temporary lodging for volunteer teams, and more.


MACC Housing has provided quality, affordable housing to families in the 48214 and worked diligently to combat blight. Consequently, dozens of families have returned to the 48214 after years of aggressive depopulation, dozens of blighted spaces have been beautified, local leaders have risen up as Block Captains, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to further continued efforts.